BETA - Welcome Testers!

Testers! Share feedback and bugs for our most recent betas

Welcome testers! Please share feedback and report bugs regarding the current betas. With your help, we will make Bear and Panda even better!

Submit Panda bug report: Beta Bug Reports - Bear Community

Please use the template below for your bug report.

  • Beta Version:
  • What were you doing:
  • What feature did you use:
  • What happened:
  • What did you expect to happen:

Panda Feedback: Beta Feedback - Bear Community

Feel free to provide any thoughts, suggestions, or general feedback about your experience with Panda here! :panda_face: :heart:


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Are you taking new Test Flight users? I’d love to join :slight_smile:

I want to join, too! @zowiewho

Hey @KGFarrand and @Readmore,

At the moment we are not accepting more TestFlight users, but we’ll let everyone in the community know as soon as we open more seats!


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