Is TestFlight still in use?

With the release of v2 and subsequent updates to v2.0.2, I have noticed the TestFlight versions for macOS and iOS are older. Does this mean that TestFlight is no longer needed or be used for ongoing beta testing?



I have the same question for the team.

I have moved from TestFlight to the App Store version because I noticed that it was newer and took that as a sign.

I am happy to keep beta testing new features using the test flight, but I can understand how the team doesn’t want to focus on fixing and releasing through both channels at this time. When the team gets some breathing room and wants to beta test features for 2.x I’m sure they’ll let us know.

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The same question. I am still on the TestFlight version as a beta tester. Do I need move to App Store version?

You wouldn’t need to, but you’re welcome to. Once you move to the App Store version, the TestFlight version is no longer automatically installed/updating, and you’d need to manually reinstall that to continue beta testing features.

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Thank you. I will be on the TestFlight version then.

Do I understand that correctly:
Once I no longer have the TestFlight version installed, it doesn’t show me the latest TestFlight version on the TestFlight app?

I’m a bit confused that the TestFlight appears to be stuck on 2.0.1 whereas the official version is on 2.0.4 already.

Is that correct?

No, that’s just that they haven’t updated the TestFlight version since (nothing new to test for beta testers etc)

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Got it! Thank you for the clarification! :handshake:

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Ok. So, if I understand this correctly… if Shiny Frog adds a new TestFlight version, it would still show up even though we have the official installed? Or, would we need to install the current TestFlight version (mine says 2.0.1, 11717) and THEN it would have a newer beta version?


If you have the “regular” version installed, and you are still enrolled in Test Flight, if a new Test Flight version is released you would see this as available to you, but it would not be installed automatically.

You would need to go into TestFlight to install it, and this would replace the currently installed main version.

Since I only see an older version than the newer App store versions, it seems that updates aren’t being pushed out to the TestFlight community beforehand. So, beta testing for Bear 2.x is over? Could anyone from the Team confirm or deny? Thanks.