Potential issue with migrating old notes to new markdown

I imagine that notes using legacy markup will get automatically parsed into the new style. One potential issue I see is with translating italics. Previously Bear had a “sort of” bug when I was enlisting options/possibilities/alternatives and “possibilities” would be rendered in italics, whereas it was supposed to be plain text.
Now that all italics may be replaced from / to * respectively, I can see how it would break optionspossibilitiesalternatives.
One potential solution would be to only transform those that have whitespace on at least one side of the “/” character.

I’m concerned about this too, and other potential broken formatting. For example, I use a lot of tilde (~) marks, for example, in my diary notes, I use ~17:00 to say something happened around 5pm. If I have another “~” later on the same line, I’m afraid suddenly everything in between will become underlined.

I hope the conversion is done the way you suggest, plus making sure that if there’s white space before what Bear thinks may be a closing markdown mark, that it ignores that.

In other words…
~17:00 Dinner: baked potato . . . . . ~23:00 Cinnamon toast
…should not have anything underlined — that’s not what these tilde are for!
(ignore the periods, they’re substituting for a couple TABS here)

~I want this sentence underlined.~