Quicker way to access the outline

I love the outline feature and use it exclusively. I never want to see the stats (well, 99.99% of the time), so it’s just a minor nit when I have to open the info panel and click the outline tab with the mouse.

I’d love if there was a keyboard shortcut to open the outline pane specifically, like Shift+Opt+Cmd+i. Another option would be if the app remembered my last selection, even after I quit the app. I noticed that it does remember what pane I had selected before, but forgets when I quit the app.


It would be great if the Devs did something along that line as I also found the outline feature really helpful but getting there is an additional click away.

This will be even more important once we get backlinks as an additional pane. Please make it easy to get to the outline and the backlinks. :slight_smile:

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Yes, backlinks too, very good point.