Feature request: Outline View


As most note App does, An outline is usually auto generated. And it is very helpful, especially for navigating in long document.

What I expect:

  • auto generated outline (someone else call it “toc” whatever) for the current note;
  • keymapping assigned to quick toggle its visibility;
  • to make use of the limited estate of editor window, give an option to be able to have the outline panel “float” on the side. The panel itself is semi-opaque, which makes it possible still to view content beneath;
  • sync the scrolling position and the outline by highlighting the current outline heading;
  • outline heading is clickable and when clicked, it directs to the corresponding section in document.

Here is a reference. An web app, which has implemented some of my expectation,

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a post.

Regarding ToC’s (Table of contents), this is something we’re currently working on.

The current plan is to include this option in the information panel. It may be available to test in the next update for Panda, we’ll see. But many thanks for the feedback!

It’s been a year. Any progress?

The lack of an outline view is hampering my adopting Panda for many purposes. My best way of testing is to use it in my work, and the projects I am currently working on really need an outline view. I have that in Typora, but I don’t have IOS access to my files. Maybe what I need for now is a hybrid solution, use Panda on IOS and Typora on Mac, on the same files in iCloud, GDrive, or Dropbox.

Has anyone else already gone this route?

This has been added (to the MacOs App). It’s in the info panel.
Click the ‘i’ top right (or CMD+SHIFT+i). The info panel has a tab with the ToC.

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