Table of Contents too small for an overview

Great finally seeing an document outline (table of contents)! Would be great if it would be scaled as otherwise it again defeats the purpose of giving a tool for commanding large documents if the tool itself can’t be commanded given its restricted size. Currently shows only 10 headings. I got almost 30 in the note I’m looking at.

Also, having a shortcut to fold/unfold all headings would be great instead of having to do one at a time. That is another way that quickly turns the note itself into a table of contents and IMO a cleaner solution to this problem/feature request. And the note can already be resized thus showing more headings at one time.

Anyway, I don’t mind having both, but they need to give better overview of the contents (headings) of the note i.e. show more headings.


Yes, completely agree with this. Perhaps the TOC could even be shown in a side-panel/drawer that scales to the height of the editor window.

I would also love a menu item or shortcut key to open the TOC directly without going via info panel, especially considering the stats/toc tabs don’t seem to be accessible via the keyboard.


Hi there,

Thank you for giving it a go, and for providing some feedback!

I’ll pass your suggestions onto the team to be discussed and weighed up :slight_smile:

I believe it wouldn’t break bears minimalistic concept when having an OPTIONAL side panel on the right. Once again i would like to point to ulysses how it handles layouts with more than 3 panes. it is an elegant solution



I discovered that Panda on MacOS has the shortcut: Shift+Cmd+i to toggle the info/TOC panel and “remember” the last used one for the session. Would be nice to be able to resize the panel though, and I like that you can “drag the panel off the hinge”.

This keyboard shortcut is not implemented on iPadOS yet, but hope it will be there in Bear beta 2.0

Thank you.

I think a similar message comes from diff people (incl. me). TOC should enable quick navi through the note, but if the doc is long, it’s not handy now. Either the panel or my suggestion would be to save what nodes were expanded and what collapsed in TOC. Right now it’s always the the full view, that can be loooong.

Thank you for the feedback (and for being an active member on the forum!), i’ve passed it onto the development team :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on this post, and for the additional feedback!

As Panda is just a test version of the Editor for Bear, the ToC design (amongst other things) is not yet set in stone.

Therefore, i’ll pass on yours (and other users) suggestions onto the designer and development team to think about, discuss, and weigh up.

If I can help with anything else in the meantime, let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi, any update on this? As the ToC is not able to be resized to allow a greater view.

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Hi there,

Not at the moment, but any and all updates regarding Panda will always be announced/noted on this forum :slight_smile:

I add my vote to resizeable TOC panel.
I add my vote to include the TOC within the document itself as an option.
I add my vote to global collapse-expand. The Finder and (using categories) uses the option key to fold/unfold everything under a disclosure triangle, so this can be used instead of a global shortcut as well.


Thank you for taking the time to leave some input, i’ve added your votes to the respective feature requests :slight_smile:

I just came here to look if and how the table of contents can be resized and kept open and docked to the side on macOS and iPad. I really hope this will be improved until the hopefully soon release. Because the now really small TOC ist not too helpful.

I am looking sooooo forward to Bear 2.0 :partying_face:

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Glad to hear that you’re looking forward to 2.0. Thank you for the additional feedback, we’ll bear it in mind :slight_smile:

Totally agree! The current table of content is so inconvenient that I have to stop my typing to tap on the button to see toc everytime I try to focus on the outline or structure of my writing.
It is of great help if there is a table of content panel permanent on the right. Hope the design could be taken into consideration. It is extremely important for academic or creative writing.

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Also, if it would be a full right sidebar view, it would be much appreciated if we can swipe from right to left to access it :smiley:



if the devs ever decide to build a fourth pane (means: a right sidebar for too or whatever) they should take a look into ulysses and reeder 5. they both had interesting ideas how to handle an ui with multiple panes.



Yes, especially for Panda as a standalone editor. A sidebar showing the document outline of headers is crucial for navigation.

Yes, i very much like that it has drop-downs for each sub menu, but would prefer if a) we could toggle whether we wanted them expanded or compressed by default, b) sidebar/fuller screen as others have said, c) one click to get to, rather than two clicks, and d) a “filter” field at the top to quickly find the heading we are looking for.

But happy with anything at this point. I don’t think they are planning to update the ToC UI any further

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