TOC panel/window resizable please

I love Bear and I love Panda. There’s one thing so far that I would like to see addressed. I would like to see the TOC panel or perhaps better the teared-off window to be resizable. I have documents where each heading starts with the same three or four words.

In the panel and the window, all these headings look the same and it’s hard to locate the right one. I can, of course search, but isn’t the idea of the TOC to see where each is located and then navigate to it easily?



Hi there,

Thank you for giving Panda a go, and for taking the time to leave a post here!

Regarding the above, it is an interesting point. We’d have to weigh up the design and consistency aspects with the user interest for this and see where it takes us.

Regardless, I’ll pass on the feedback to the development and design team to have a think about.

Great, thanks!

Come to think of it — and I don’t know if you can program that in and if it would fit the design — but you could solve this by allowing people to hover over the different entries and then expand the entire title in a “bubble”. Just a thought from someone who can’t program…


At least in fullscreen-mode it would be useful to have the info panel especially the TOC as right sidepanel (not floating but fully integrated into the ui of the app). When working on larger writings the TOC is an important part of navigation and writing process.


Hi there,

The reason it’s floating and not fully integrated into the ui of the app is because the choice is available to have it stay on the screen if you wish.

For users who don’t want the panel visible, simply open the panel, navigate, and hop back into the editor (and the panel will disappear)

Alternatively, when you open the Stats Panel via the (i) icon & click into the TOC section, if you drag the panel off after opening it, it will stay on the screen for you to use when in the editor.

It can then be moved to where you’d like it. We kept it this way from a design point of view and so users could have a little bit of choice!


Thanks a lot for pointing the ability to drag the TOC and have it floating. That makes navigation across long docs much easier (and less clicks to get to where you want).

Few more ideas to make it even faster:

  • save the state of the information pane: if it was Stats or TOC open + if it was floating or just brought once. That way you don’t have to click to bring it to same state with every new file open.
  • don’t have all branches of TOC expanded by default. with longer documents it’s a bit of pain to scroll to what you need.
  • floating TOC is not refreshed when you switch between multiple files open in Panda (as tabs)


Thank you for the additional suggestions, i’ll pass them onto the team to discuss further and possibly consider!