Docked TOC panel

The new TOC behind the info icon is great but it would be awesome if that popout panel could be docked and be a fixture on the right hand side. Thank you!

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This! It will look much prettier

Yup this would be really useful. Having it hidden away behind the info makes it let helpful than it could be (at least on iPad OS and macOS).

I just saw in this post Panda release notes 1.0(2208) - #3 by modusop that the TOC panel can be dragged out to be a separate pane, which is perfect! What would be great is to be able to resize it

Hi there,

That is correct! You can drag it after opening and it will stay on the screen for you to use when in the editor.

Regarding the resize element, this was also mentioned on another post (here: TOC panel/window resizable please ) and it is an interesting idea.

As mentioned over there too, we’d have to weigh up the design and consistency aspects with the user interest for this and see where it takes us.

But i’ll pass it onto the team to consider!