Suggestion to improve TOC panel

Hi, I’m very excited about bear 2.0 and the new TOC panel. And I have some suggestions that might be helpful.

  1. Every time the note is edited, the table of contents panel jumps to the top. It is inconvenient for quickly locating the headings, like Test 3, Test 4. It might be better if the TOC panel doesn’t jump to the top and retains the position.
    2022-05-20 01.56.59

  2. The TOC panel seems too small because it shares the same size as the statistics panel. It might be better if the TOC panel and the statistics panel don’t share the same one. So that the TOC panel can be resizable.


Can’t agree more. It totally hits to the point.

Thanks for reporting this problem. I’m usure about what causing the scroll at the moment but we’ll run some tests.

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