Richer toolbar and styles bar

Friends, it’s awesome the shape it’s taking. I have my suggestions.
The upper tool bar could be richer, with more icons so that we don’t have to go to the 3 dots menu. Less clicks, you know its UX law. Of course Bear is all about beauty, style, minimalism. But given that the upper tool bar discretly and elegantly dissapears when writing, then it wont intrude nor look out of style, also. The lower styles bar, could have all it’s icons so we don’t have to click in the 3 dotted menu. And for the same reason, it wont intrude nor look crowded. It’s elegant and discrete. A little bit longer wont be a problem.

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We have explored the idea of having multiple icons on the note toolbar but it’s not working on a UI standpoint. We want to try to use that space for the note title.

What you you think about left and right arrow icons on the left part of the toolbar for browsing in history of notes?

the title there? it would be ugly as in Obsidian. Only one size, always looking at you. As it is is great. Pleasssse don’t bring the title on that bar.

As far as I can remember the title should be displayed 1. only if it is not visible in editor and 2. only on scrolling.

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