Toolbar will ALWAYS be displayed


Whenever I comment on this advice/improvement on Reddit, many people agree.

The problem: 100% of the time I modify a note I have to press the button to open the toolbar completely, that is: press this button:

To show this bar:

The solution: it would be an option in Bear settings called “Activate always extended toolbar” and this means that whenever you open a note, you will see the extended version of the toolbar instead of the ultra-compact toolbar “BIU”

On Mac, the enlarged bar looks very good. But I understand that on iPad the expanded bar would be too large, well it can be reduced, or do something like Notability, that you can adjust by default which tool buttons they want to always appear on that bar.

What do people think of this improvement or suggestion?
Where could I send this suggestion to the Bear team?

Thank you very much, greetings!


I think the same way about “toggle navigation history”. I wish I could set it to always be on or always be off. Instead I find myself turning it back on repeatedly. I’m still not quite sure what triggers it to turn off again.

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I would just love to be able to select the formatting tools that I use most often and keep them above the keyboard on iOS and iPadOS. Getting in and out of the formatting tools is pretty cumbersome compared to other apps.

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