General feedback on panda bear beta

The following relates to v1.0:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on Panda
I like the simplicity of the editor
I don’t care for the toolbar (I don’t like toolbars much)
After I hide the toolbar, my setting does not persist between app launches - I wish it did
Same goes for “Check Spelling while you type” - I like this to be off, and to remain off, across launches
There’s really not much difference between the ‘standard’ and ‘small’ icon sizes in the toolbar settings, making the experience kind of odd
I’d like it if I were not prompted for choice of which document to open on every start-up - I’d like it if Panda just resumed its state from the last time the app was quit - ie “continue where I left off”

Hello there!

The toolbar is the standard macOS one, behaviours and size are not decided by us, but this will not be the case when we merge the editor back to Bear.

Persistence of some preferences (like hiding the toolbar, spell checkers) is still to be added, but it’s going to be there :slight_smile:

Panda already restore your document when you quit/re-open it, but there is a macOS preference that can prevent that:

If you have this “On” all your document will be closed when you quit the app, preventing Panda to re-open them next time.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: