Shifting Pen Input Scale

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or an intended aspect of the Apple Pen input system, but the scale and thickness of my input seems to change dramatically depending on which view mode I’m in.

e.g. if I’m currently displaying the Editor, Notes, and Tags, and create a Pen box (not sure what the official Bear terminology is here?) to draw on, my stroke line will be the standard thickness, but within a narrow box. If I then change the view mode to display Editor only, my original stroke line will appear to be the same thickness, but any new lines are quite small and thin in comparison.

Given that there currently isn’t an option to change stroke thickness, and the inherent limitations of having to create and expand a drawing space to begin with, this makes trying to use the Apple Pen with Bear quite tedious and difficult to use reliably.

I know it’s low priority for the team (it’s deemed as outside the core purpose I assume, and I understand that) but the ability to ‘handwrite’ directly in the editor was a big selling point for me with 2.0 (and Panda originally) so it would be great to hear any word on if this will be updated or changed