[Solved] Opening the link editor causes the editor to start scrolling with the text cursor

Testing version: 10641 iOS

What were you doing: Editing a markdown link.

What feature did you use: The edit button next to every external link.

What happened: If I open the link editor and hit Done, the editor will start following the text cursor, scrolling the view so that the cursor is always the at the top. Same if I create new link e.g. by selecting text and hitting link button from the keyboard and Done. This doesn’t happen normally. Killing the app from app switcher resolves the issue until you open the link editor again.

Workaround: don’t edit links via the link editor pop up.

What did you expect to happen: For this to not happen I guess :sweat_smile:

Yeah, something weird with the editor insets after editing a link, working on it!

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Fixed in the new 10816!