Editing of link on IOS

Link editing on IOS is a bit frustrating… When you want to edit link you have to click somewhere else and than move the cursor on link to edit it. If you click on link you are than eesirected to link location. It would be nice to have some sort of dropdown option if you want to either edit or goto link.

The way it is now is just not consistent with editing of other styles.

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I agree link editing is harder when the markdown mode is on but I also think this is a common problem of rich text editors on iOS. The dropdown menu is indeed a solution but, to us, following a link is way more common than editing and should not be hidden behind a menu. Out of curiosity, when you want to edit the link, have you noticed if the iOS keyboard is usually on-screen or hidden?

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Hi, the on screen keyboard is always visible. The way I edit links now is by putting the pointer somewhere near link (which automatically show the keyboard) and than move the cursor by holding down on Space and move it on the link. So keyboard actually has to be visible to be able to edit links or is there some other way I don’t know of?

If clicking on link is desired solution, than I would recommend a clear instructions of how to edit links, it took me a moment or two to figure it out.

What about the same solution that is done for images? If you are not in “edit” mode (you don’t have cursor on text and keyboard is hidden) than clicking on image displays the image, in this case it would open the link, but when you are in edit mode, you cannot click on image, and instead your cursor is positioned either behind or in front of image, in this case this would be in front or behind the link.


Agree to this. I think stricter edit mode (no link activation while keyboard shown) is necessary for Bear where clicking in a link, hyperlink, tags, images while editing does not open the image or the links.

I agree that editing links is less common in my workflow than needing to tap on them.

I have found that Panda’s tap & hold on a link offers a very easy way to edit links while I am typing on my iPad Pro.

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