Link not marked up via context menu

Testing version: iOS 0.1 (1648)

What were you doing:

What feature did you use:

  1. tap and hold (long press) on a link
  2. selecting “Text Style” in context menu
  3. selecting “Underline”

What happened:

underline markdown is added before/after insertion point
and not before/after link

What did you expect to happen:

markdown added before/after link

I am actually not sure, why this option is available (in the context menu) in the first place.

Can you please provide a quick video of this bug? I’m not sure the context menu or “text style” is supposed to show as well but I don’t fully understand where this is happening.

Thank you very much and wow, I was not aware of that menu. I think this is something iOS is adding by itself but we should either remove it or make it work correctly.