[iOS] You cannot click a link while the keyboard is showing

You open your notes there is a link in the notes. You click on the note and the cursors for typing shows and the keyboard pops up. In Bear 1, you could click the link and open it, while in Bear 2 the link is not clickable until you close the keyboard. It is a bit frustrating and not very user friendly.

IIRC that was B1’s behavior too because otherwise you can’t place the cursor near the link and edit.

This is by design, if you have the keyboard up you’re editing and you don’t want a link to bring you away if you touch it by mistake.


I cannot get the links to work if I have a keyboard docked. I hit the closed keyboard Icon, and it still drops a cursor when I click the link. I am running a docked Magic keyboard iPad pro with the Grammarly keyboard (Essential for checking as I type)

The behaviours I have recognised, If I touch the link (physically with a finger) and the keyboard is away, the link triggers, If I use the touchpad, the touch drops a cursor. Regardless of if the keyboard is down, it could be using the handoff touchpad from my Mac or the magic keyboard touchpad.

Same here. iPadPro with the Apple keyboard.
I cannot click on links unless I touch my screen. I pretty much never touch the screen, as most apps I use work with the keyboard and touchpad.
It does work with the pencil, but I just never thought to grab for it, as I keep my hands on the keyboard 99.993% of the time.

Perhaps CMD-Enter should toggle between link being edited / link available for editing / link available for clicking.

I never want to edit the contents of the “Welcome to Bear2 beta” note. I should be able to have a mode which prevents all editing.