Internal link activation friction

Bear 2 is great full stop!
Bear is even better with the [], backlinks and mentions so nicely implemented.

This said there is one friction point that I do find irritating when in the flow and this is that it seems once I have created a [[new link]] if I want to activate and quickly jump to the linked new note I actually have to leave the current note altogether, re-enter the note and then tap on the [[new link]] … to maintain flow it would be great if the link became ‘clickable’ once the ‘]]’ has been typed … or some similar quick-operation.

Maybe I’m just missing something ?

I suspect you are experiencing this issue on iOS and, if this is the case you can just dismiss the virtual keyboard to be able to tap the link. Allowing link clicking when the keyboard is on-screen causes various editing issues.

Ah Ha! … yes you are right this is on IOS (apologies I should have been clearer) and your solution does indeed work. - Thanks

fyi : I think I fell into this ‘trap’ having dabbled with the Reflect Notes app recently where there is a very fluid process for creating/ following such links on IOS and MacOS even with pop-up keyboards. I think the underlying tech stack is very different so maybe that’s why.

thanks again