Navigating in iPadOS

Feels like I’m missing something very obvious, but when I create a link within a note on iPad i cannot navigate to that note by clicking on the new link? Either by clicking or right clicking on it (i.e. two-finger tap). But if I select another note on the sidebar, and then go back to the original note, while I cannot click on the link, I’m able to right click on it and select open. Is that the intended behaviour?

I think I remember being able to type out a link (i.e. [[new note]) and click right on it to create and navigate to that new note?

Nah you have to minimise the editing bar down the bottom (click the little keyboard icon with the down arrow) and then you should be able to click it

I’m sure it’s probably me doing something wrong, but that didn’t work I’m afraid. When clicking on the link, the App thinks I want to edit the link and puts the cursor into the text rather than selecting the link and bringing up the note.

Can you take a video? I think we may be misunderstanding each other, and a video may clear that up

I have finally worked out how to capture video on the iPad. Is there a generally accepted best place to upload it anonymously? Or can I perhaps email it to your team?

Send it to me by DM please