Panda: Linking to another note

I think this might already be a stupid question but I will ask anyway. Is there currently a way to interlink notes in Panda?

I really like the new editor and I think the Alpha version focuses on the editor part. However, it would be great to know if there is some sort of plan to introduce this soon?

Maybe a URL scheme already exists that I can use right now?

Hi and welcome,

Panda is a document-based app following the sandbox rules on both iOS and macOS, this makes it really hard to link files because we might don’t have direct access to file you are willing to link. However, when the new editor will be integrated into Bear, note linking will behave as expected.


Thought as much, thanks for your response

Panda doesn’t have a menu item to put in a link, as there is in Bear iOS. I wonder is this going to be fixed?

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Hi Nat, can you please send a screenshot of the Bear’s menu item refer to?

The button circled here. I use it a lot. Cheers.

Hi Nat, Panda is a file-based editor and it’s not possible to use the note linking with files because of iOS and macOS sandboxing. However, the button will still be present in Bear when will be integrated into Bear

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