Unable to click on links/footnotes on iPad with keyboard

Testing version:

What were you doing:
Trying to click on footnotes or links or start a gif

What feature did you use:
What happened:
With keyboard attached to iPad panda stays in edit mode, so clicking on links just reveals their markdown. E.g. you can not move to a footnote.
Disconnecting the keyboard solves problem and links, footnotes and gifs work as expected.
You should be able to use this with a keyboard attached.

What did you expect to happen:
Be able to click on links etc. with keyboard attached.

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I consider that as a feature rather than a bug. The attached key in iOS invokes the edit mode whereas a screen withot keys is the read mode.That two modes affect also other elements, f.e. links: in read mode the link is opened and in edit mode (key attached) you will be able to edit the link. Actually an elegant solution

The problem though is that once in edit mode with a keyboard attached it doesn’t seem that you can exit edit mode without closing the document or disconnecting the keyboard… I don’t think that is particularly elegant.
All the added features are great though, looking forward to image resizing appearing in Bear

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Hello and thanks for reporting this. We do understand is not practical to get out/in the document to leave the edit mode when an external keyboard is attached to an iPad. We are considering adding a button to the iPadOS floating suggestion panel to go back into reading mode.

Will that button also come to Mac version?

No, but I do wonder why you might require a simular button on Mac.

I do not but I was just curious :wink:

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I concur this is a real impedance for users using the iPad Hardware Keyboard. The only way to get click navigation to work on links is the disconnect the iPad from the keyboard. I hope this can get worked out. Otherwise this will be unusable on my iPad, which I use as my portable device in meetings/travel.

Command Return will toggle edit mode off/on when using external keyboard.

So when off, you can touch and activate links without disconnecting your keyboard.

The thread above was a year ago for Panda, but seems to have been fixed in Bear 2.0. (It’s still an issue in Panda though)

Thanks @roar! This is helpful. I think it would be beneficial if the use of the touchpad on the keyboard to interface with the links would be nice. But this will work for now.

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CMD-Enter does indeed exit edit mode. However, when I click on a link using the touchpad, it re-enters edit mode. It would be nice to be able to click on links using the trackpad while in read mode.

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I would go a lot further than “It would be nice…”.

Having just started to use the beta today I noticed this point almost immediately (it’s makes the app almost unusable if you can’t use wikilinks, tags and external web links - aren’t they fundamental Bear features?) and came here to report it, only to find that it’s been known about for a year.

It’s surely a fundamental feature that a link in read mode should operate like a link in read mode (rather than operating in an entirely unexpected manner and just causing the note to go back into Edit mode).

I am having this issue as well. I am not able to be working in a bear note (reading or writing) and open links to other notes while using the iPad. I don’t have an issue opening links on my phone or Mac. Links and opening them work well on Mac, I would expect it to work the same on iPad. (not implying it is the same, just referencing the experience :slight_smile: )

I can confirm links, footnotes and wiki links will be tappable/clickable on iPadOS/iOS when an external keyboard is connected to the device. We’ll probably not ship this with the next update as we want to ship a fix for Bear 2 iOS search and sync first.