Tapping external link exits the note I’m in

Testing version: 10816

What were you doing: Tap an external link that opens in Safari.

What feature did you use: Links.

What happened: When I come back to Bear, I notice that I’m not inside the note I was in before I tapped the link, but just empty screen. This happens only when inside a tag, and not e.g. in the main ‘Notes’ view.

What did you expect to happen: App should stay where I was after tapping external links.

I experience something similarly annoying on iPad, also build 10816.

  1. I tap an external link in a long note, (opens in Edge browser)
  2. when I get back to Bear the note is still there, but in this case, it has scrolled far up or down from where the link is
    (even when I make sure to place cursor next to link before I tap it)

What did you expect to happen : Expect the note not to scroll, but stay exactly where it was when I tapped the link. If I have a list of links to check, one by one, this will cause a lot of friction.

Ok, I got how to replicate this issue. Apparently this happens only if non-root tags are selected. Thanks for reporting this.

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I think this might be related to the above but I can’t really simulate the issue.

Oh that’s right, only when tags like #tag/subtag or deeper is selected but not #tag.