Link not clickable (initially)

Testing version: iOS 2.0 (10731)

What were you doing: adding a x-callback url link to a new note

What feature did you use: generated the link elsewhere then pasted it into the new note

What happened: the link wasn’t clickable

What did you expect to happen: to open the targeted note after clicking on the link

… If I create a new note with title Test, then insert a full link:

Daily Log

That is:
[Daily Log]

into that note, then I can’t click on it until I leave that note and re-open it.

If I then add a second link to that same note, then I can’t open either link until I leave the note and come back.

It seems that adding a link causes a problem that persists until the note is reloaded?

Any chance you had the iOS keyboard showing when you tried to click the link? In edit mode we inhibit link click because otherwise those can’t be edited.

Yes the keyboard was showing so this is expected behavior as you explained.