Some character sequences cause a crash

Testing version: Version 1.0 (2952)

What were you doing: Typing text

What feature did you use: None in particular

What happened: Panda crashed

What did you expect to happen: Panda should display the text that I’m typing

Panda crashes every time ( both iOS and MacOS ) I try to start a phrase with . + a couple of letters, also in a blank document
Example : .la .ae .cd

This not happens with other combinations
Example : .cs

Great find @AstroWLAN! I can reproduce the bug you discovered. It seems to occur whenever you start any line with .la (as one example) - not just the header. And Panda even crashes if you use it to start a bullet like:

  • .la

Thanks :smile:
Yes, as I wrote it can happen whenever you start a new line
( also with 1. • > and so on and so forth ), not just in the header

Thanks for reporting this problem. We’ll try our best to ship a fix with the next update.

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Thank you @trix180. And if it isn’t too much work, can you please include a fix for this issues as well? Spelling autocorrect menu option resetting

Basically just need the menu option to stay selected, not reset each time any note is opened or created.
This is really a pain for those of us who rely on spelling auto-correct.