Tables crashes with new line

Testing version:
0.1 (1648)
What were you doing:
Creating tables with \n in it.
It crashes if i’m hitting new line after the tables
What feature did you use:
Tables and
What happened:
App crashes
What did you expect to happen:
Minimal: Table brakes, but app don’t crash.

Perfect: \n replaces with \s or some another way to concatenate lines.

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Thanks for reporting this crash, we’ll ship a fix with next update

Still crashing but now with multiple /n lines (copied from word).

| Название              | Значение                                                     |
| Язык программирования | Swift 5.0 и новее                                            |
| Фреймворки            | - UIKit
<br>- SwiftUI
<br>- Combine
<br>- CoreData
<br>- HealthKit
<br>- Core Bluetooth
<br>- CoreML  |

Hi, I don’t seem to be able to simulate the crash with the code reported. If you paste the above inside Panda you get a crash?

My bad. Here’s the correct bug report.

  1. Set in MS Word for macos (Appstore version) file with table with list in it (exapmle file).
  2. Select table in word file and paste it in empty table cell in Panda Version 1.0 (1949) and Version 1.0 (2208)
  3. Move caret out of the table and hit enter → the table became broken.
  4. Type something under the broken table.
  5. Hit undo in the panda the panda will crash.

Thank you for the additional information Yaroslav.

I’ll pass this updated information onto the development team to investigate further.