Style request: Align indentation of headings with the text in todo's / block quote / etc

As it stands, when you create a new note, it starts with a heading. If you start writing a paragraph under that, the text left-aligns with the heading of the note. Great!

But on macOS (and other wise viewport, like a landscape iPhone), when you make a list, or a todo, it shifts to the right. I personally would like the indicators for lists/todo’s/etc to be in the “gutter”, left of the main content.
That same gutter holds the “heading indicator” (if you have “hide markdown” toggled off). It feels like wasted space to have lists/todo’s/etc be indented. I also believe Bear 1 had this behavior.

Forgive me if this has been addressed before: I meticulously searched, but couldn’t find a thread about this yet.