Styling presets for export to pdf and word


i am eagerly waiting for the final product because the direction of panda and bear 2.0 is amazing. I believe that new bear could become my first writing app in most scenarios. Let me ask if you plan to implement different sytling presets for export to pdf and word files combined wit a quick view. i am talking about something similar what ulysses app offers.

What spontaniously came to my mind: exporting should offer option to generate a TOC inside of the pdf or word content


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Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a post here on the forum. We’re glad to hear that you are excited about 2.0!

Regarding the above, it’s not within the current short term plans at the moment. But nothing is set in stone just yet, so i’ll pass it onto the team to discuss.

Currently, Panda does have a new TOC feature available to test, but this is just for inside the editor, not within exports. Therefore, i’ll also pass on this suggestion with the above.