Subscripts and Superscripts in Bear 2

Does Bear 2 support subscripts and superscripts? I have tried sub and sup codes, but they did not work.

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No, we don’t have sub/sup support in Bear 2.

FWIW, I was looking for support for superscript/subscript support in Bear as well. I pasted some text into a Bear note and it did make a superscript from the text β€œ2nd” that rendered as β€œ2nd”. It looks like Bear treated the superscripted β€œnd” following the β€œ2” as a bookmark, rending it as 2[^nd]. It visually appears like a superscript in the text, but as a link that – if clicked on – generates a footnote.

Hopefully, support for <sup> and <sub> elements is on the roadmap for Bear. In the meantime, if you don’t mind your superscripts looking like links and can keep yourself from clicking on them, you can cheat and use the footnote notation – e.g., foo[^bar] to get foobar.

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This is an excellent tip, Burke, and I just stopped over to say thank you!