Subtag Parent Tag Removal Also Removes Subtag

Testing version:
2.0.3 (11772) (on a Mac)

What were you doing:
With a note that has tags for #photography and #photography/dogwood challenge#
With the #photography tag selected in the tags list and the note visible in the notes list

What feature did you use:
Right click note and select “Remove tag photography”

What happened:
note is edited and both tags are removed

What did you expect to happen:
note is edited and now only has #photography/dogwood challenge# tag

I can certainly replicate this behaviour - no idea if this is intentional or not, but it definitely affects me also on 2.0.5 MacOS, and iOS 2.0.5. The only difference is on iOS, you get a menu prompt to remove both tags, instead of just the currently focused tag.

I assume that it could be the same limitation that was discussed here. Bear is not aware of the multiple presence of different tags from the same family/hierarchy. Therefore how should it know then what tag to keep or to remove?