The "Remove tag" feature does not remove the entire nested tag

Testing version: Version 2.1.2 (12452)

What were you doing: Removing a tag from a note

What feature did you use: Right click on a note, left click on the “Remove tag [tag_name]” menu option, where the tag name is #!When/2-Next

What happened: Only the nested “/2-Next” portion of the tag was removed; the note was left with the parent tag #!When

What did you expect to happen: I expected the entire nested tag to be removed


can you please update to 2.1.5 and confirm you still experience this bug?


I just updated to version Version 2.1.5 (12530) and it behavior is the same.

I just realized the behavior you are describing is how it’s supposed to work if you select 2-Next in the sidebar. The option is supposed to give you a quick way to remove the subtag selected but not its father.

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I had this also on my list of unexpected behaviour. Though I regarded it as intended.

To remove the whole tag is a reasonable request. However to alter a tag to its parent tag or to its subtag for a selection of notes is reasonable either. Maybe you can address this and offer an improved removing/moving of tags for a given selection via context menu

The docs are clear in this regard: They say “tags can be nested within other tags”. Therefore, in #foo/bar you have two tags, it is not a unit. And the second one is nested within the first one (so it is not a top-level #bar).

The contextual menu lets you remove the tag currently selected in the sidebar. So, if the sidebar has the focus on the #bar under #foo, you’ll have the option to remove exactly that #bar, and that is working in 2.1.5 at least. Its parent, and other tags that can be possibly associated with the note, are preserved.

On the other hand, if you have the focus on #foo in the sidebar, then you’re given the option to remove exactly #foo, and that removes the whole thing. If there were no more tags, the note becomes untagged.

To me, this is all good.

As i said: both ways are reasonable. And because of that both ways should be done easily :wink:

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I am not saying this would not be a reasonable feature request.Nor I am replying to your message in particular.

I am just explaining in the thread, for all following, and in more detail, which is Bear’s model. Because if a user believes this is a bug (this is a bug report), or a user is surprised, that means their mental model is just not right. My reply just wants to help people understand why this is not a bug, and why this is to be expected.

Should users be able to say “deleting “baz” in “#foo/bar/baz/woo” should remove the whole tag chain”? I don’t know, Bear’s team call, it would be a feature request in any case.

As i wrote: I was aware that this behavior is intended. I just took the opportunity to ask about the possibility of making something meaningful possible, which the OP also expected :wink:

Well, it could be the case that once the logic is explained, @BearWithTheWoods says: “Ah! The sidebar! Of course, that makes sense now. I’ll use the contextual menu as it is, and will remove entire tag paths just by deleting them in the notes.”

Or maybe not!

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If you have one or two notes it is an easy task to remove them manually. But the more notes your selection contain the more laborious the complete deletion of the tag will be

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:thinking: I’m unsure about this solution because implies adding a menu list item for every tag level, potentially making it quite unusable.

Let’s say you have an incredible long tag hierarchy of six levels (does anyone at all uses such long tags or even longer ones?) that would end in one “Remove tag”-command and one “Change tag”-menu with 5 entries. Actually such a menu is quite acceptable in my eyes and would offer refined tag editing without being too complex. The tag editing is reduced to just the direct line to the parent tag and its childs which is chosen in left sidebar.

Edit: Ok, I see, what you mean: there could be an high amount of childs. I would suggest just to strengthen the remove functionality, so that the menu only contain the parents, grand parents and so on

I don’t know how good that idea is:

A simple dialogue where you can change the selected tag (resp. the selected notes) by a simple textfield with autocompletion. And removing a tag means complete removal