Sync has stopped working

Testing version: Mac 2.0 (10209); iPad 2.0 (10817)

What were you doing: Created a note on the MacOS version and waited for it to cross to the iPad. I also created a note on the iPad and waited for it to cross to the Mac. I also updated a note on the iPad that was already on the Mac.

What feature did you use:

What happened: Nothing: the notes did not sync.

What did you expect to happen: Proper syncing. It was working last week.

The mac release you are using is not the TestFlight release and it’s not synching.

That fixed it. The earlier version was rather stubborn about sticking around. When I updated from TestFlight, the older version continued to appear, even when I opened the new one from Test Flight. Finally, I removed the old Bear app from the Applications folder (after backing up my notes). After a few minutes, I reinstalled the latest beta and it opened correctly. I was able to restore the old notes from the backup and saw them sync to my iPad.

Thank you. You may close the ticket now.