Syncing not working from macOS > iOS, but works vice versa

Testing version: 2.0.17

What were you doing: Taking notes on macOS; created a “daily not” with today’s date as name via an Apple Shortcut.

What feature did you use:

What happened: Taking notes on macOS (MacBook M1 Pro, running Sonoma 14.0) which did not get synced to Bear on iOS (iPhone 14, running iOS 17.0.3), but creating a note on iOS does get synced to the macOS version.

What did you expect to happen: Clean sync to both devices.

Suddenly, the syncing between macOS and iOS stopped working from me. Every note or content I create on macOS does not get synced to iOS, but the weird thing is it works the other way around, every note I create on iOS gets synced to macOS. I already restarted both system, disconnected the iCloud sync and reconnected it, but the issue still persists.

Update: It suddenly started working again after a couple times of disconnecting and reconnecting the iCloud sync.