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The ability to independently adjust the width and height of table rows and columns will be important. (*independently meaning I can have a narrow column, then a wide, then another narrow, etc)

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Unfortunately markdown doesn’t have any kind of way to store width/height of columns/rows, so this is unlikely to be added.

What we can do is tweaking minimum/maximum size of the columns and the automatic resizing behaviours to have the best outcome possible.

Generally, making these adjustments from a Markdown table would need to be stored in the CSS.

Might be ignorant as I’m not a dev, but could they be stored in the metadata of a note? It would have to be a property that doesn’t translate to the Markdown itself for sure.

Of course, the best answer is probably what you’ve already suggested; smarter and better behavior for how the tables render (how just about every Markdown renderer has to handle tables now) is probably the best solution, not just for compatibility, but so that users aren’t manually tweaking tables until their brains fall out their ears.

(Matteo, let me know if I should put this comment somewhere else)… Funny, I don’t use Bear as my Markdown Editor. I don’t “see” Bear as a markdown editor. I use Bear for ALL my important notes, and it happens to use Markdown. I love the inter-note linking and have a personal wiki. I use it to store notes for video editing. I use the Chrome plugin and store important webpages. I tag everything and sub-tag to make things easy to find and store!

Back to the original note. Automatic resizing will solve it. BUT wondering… I get when someone is writing markdown there isn’t a way to indicate table row height or column width…

My Apple GUI gut is telling me… ‘drag the line to adjust the width’ Especially the way the table is being rendered…

Is there a way to allow adjustment when presenting a table in a note, but knowing it won’t be exported that way?

No need to reply to this last part - just thinkin’ out loud.

From my perspective, the autosizing works just fine. My gut reaction was also to immediately try to resize with the cursor, but then i mostly realized i don’t need to. A date column for instance doesn’t need to be any wide or narrower than the date input, for instance. I’m sure not all agree.

I do see a current issue where the margins are very narrow and require a horizontal scroll to see beyond a few columns. I keep bear on max margin width but the default is obviously very different. Will need some way to keep these in sync, or just blow out the width with the table but horizontal scrolling feels clunky, when not pushing the limits of the space with many columns.

It would be nice to have a one-click way to add a column. (menu click is fine for deleting but slows down when typing). since bear is markdown-based, i am used to never clicking on anything while creating and editing notes! (Edited: I see the enter to add new row action, which is awesome!)

completely agree the horizontal scroll does feel clunky and not the way I’d expect a slick Mac app to behave.

  1. Table Formatting:

I’d expect markdown table columns to display as fit-to-width, with an automatic wrap at some column maxwidth, maybe set in app preferences?

I don’t think a table should appear in a scrolling window if too wide for the overall text width, it should wrap. Really not keen on the scrolling window. As a solution it looks wrong, particularly for Bear.

On the other hand I liked the little three vertical dot floating menu indicator appearing at the side of the cells.

  1. Table navigation:

Surprised that tabbing through the table stopped at the end of the table rather than giving me a new row, that I had to use a return for that.

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I agree… also the ability to wrap text… right now my entries can only be 1 line and as I keep typing the cell expands but column widths become too wide and unwieldy.

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