Resizing columns in tables

Version 2.0 (9780):

Working with a table:


Clicked on the edge of a column to try and alter the width:

That I could drag the column width:

Bear 2 does it’s best to guess the best column width for you but it’s not always optimal. Can we get a drag column edge to resize feature anytime?




markdown tables do not come with something that allows choosing the column size. Theoretically, we can add some metadata we are currently using for link previews and folding but come with a lot of issues.

Can you please show me a case where the automatic column width is not optimal? Maybe we can tweak the algorithm.

Best Regards.

Nothing specific, just a feeling things would be clearer if I had some control over widths. But yeah, I hadn’t considered the limitations Markdown imposes.

Also, I’d imagine things will be getting better when we have some control over line width in the editor.