Tag rename has some side effects

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9969)

What were you doing: Renaming a tag

What feature did you use: Edit tag

What happened:
Renaming a tag has a couple of surprising behaviors:

  1. If the tag is pinned, it becomes unpinned on rename.
  2. If there are subtags, and they are expanded (i.e., displayed in the side panel), after rename, the the subtags are collapsed (i.e., not displayed).
  3. If you rename the now-unpinned tag back to its original name, (e.g., “bear 2” → “bear two” → “bear 2”, it becomes pinned again! I’m guessing that there is a separate table in the db for pinning tags, and that table is not getting updated on rename.

What did you expect to happen:

Changing the name of a tag doesn’t have any surprising side effects. It’s pinned status should remain the same, as should the visibility of subtags in the Tags panel.


I think 1 and 3 can be solved and we’ll look into that as soon as possible. 2 makes sense but is unfortunately way more tricky and I’m not sure we’ll be able to have the desired outcome.

Thanks for your bug report.

Makes sense. If the tricky part is remembering the collapsed status across the rename, then unconditionally expanding after rename is probably less surprising than unconditionally collapsing. But based on the way that the UI redraws during rename, I’m guessing that that’s actually not what makes it tricky. Either way, 2 is a minor issue. Not worth putting much effort into.