Text cursor one line above correct spot after pressing return

Testing version:
Bear 2.0 (10817)
iOS 16.1.1
iPhone SE (2020)

What were you doing:
Pressing return to begin a new line of text.

What feature did you use:
Text editor

What happened:
The text cursor jumped back to the beginning of previous line of text, but when I started typing, the new text appeared in the proper place, in its own line.

What did you expect to happen:
The text cursor to be in the correct position.

I’ve only noticed this with one particular long note that includes several images (with text), but when I copy and paste the contents of that note to a new note, the bug happens on that new note as well. Besides the misplaced cursor after hitting return, the cursor will sometimes appear in the wrong place when I drag it around the screen (I never know if text will appear where the cursor is or on the line below).

Here’s a video demonstrating it (includes audio narration).


we think this might be a textview glitch possibly fixed in more recent release. However, if you can share the note in the video as .bear we’ll try to simulate the glitch.

Thanks! I think I’m up-to-date with the most recent version, but maybe not. Here’s a link to the note: Dropbox - April 2023 Poets and Poems.bear - Simplify your life

Seems to be resolved in the latest update (10936). Thanks!

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