The Feedback for the Quote

I like the new stylish of Quote
but I can’t seperate the text in the quote from the normal text
I mean the red straight line is not clearly
because it’s fixed at the front, it can’t be tabbed

may be fill the quote with different color is a good idea

I appreciate bullets, numbering, and quotes themselves being “quotable” now. A huge improvement. THANK YOU!
There are some bugs in terms of hitting tab and allowing user to type different numbering.

this is not a quote
> This is quote. 
> * Can it handle bullets? YES!
> 	* And more bullets.
> 1. And numbered lists
> a. but not so well.
> 	2. 

Hitting “tab” before the “a. but not so well” indents the 1. line.
“2.” is indented under “1.”, but cannot be changed to “1.” by typing over – it reverts to “2.".