The visual representation of headings in Bear 2 is a step backward

I too found the heading icon hard to read, I know there’s a longer line among the 3 lines but it is just harder to read than a plain H3… I mean what’s wrong with labeling it H3?

Actually nothing. I must say that the hamburger icons are definetely more visually pleasing than “H1” and so on. But you indeed loose easy distinguishing. that happens often enough.

That and the fact that the icon doesn’t show up on hover of mouse pointer are the 2 main points that should be adressed in my opinion

I have a question for those of you who want the Hx icons back. Are you using/plan to use Bear 2 without markdown hiding?

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I love the new way. Looks like a proper document now and it’s much better on the eye, more like the finished document.

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I played around with the new “hide markup” styling for a day or so to see what I thought and to test it, but I quickly switched back to showing the markup.

No, I didn‘t, I want the markups to be hidden. However I would accept the heading icons as only visible markup. But that is an eccentric niche desire from me and not worth to be considered. My point was that the level is not clear immediately. H1 til H6 is the most easy way as it seems for me. I find the hamburgers more pleasing in terms of aesthetics but nothing can beat numbers in regard to the function to tell the level

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I agree with @krssno proposed solution. Nota app ( has exactly this solution - hiding all md syntax except small H1, H2 etc. indicator. You can see it even on first screenshot on their web.

I use markdown hiding, and I’m loving it. But I strongly believe the Hx system (H1, H2 etc) should replace the current icon indicator for headers, regardless of markdown visibility.

At this point, a clear indication of header levels using Hx style should not even be considered an exclusive markdown feature —it is an ABSOLUTE essential!

It is an incredible utility than mere aesthetics. Using an icon does not even begin to cut it.

Hx style offers precision to the writing experience. And would be perfect as offered in Bear 1— in the margin gutter.

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I prefer the new way. Putting small pieces of text (e.g.h2) among other text breaks the reading flow in ways that visual symbols do not. I could live with H1 etc. appearing when the show markdown setting is on.


I would say that not necessarily that Hx system should replace the current header icons but something that helps to immediately recognize the levels

The new UI is a step forward.

I used Bear 1 for a while but then switched to Obsidian because of those heading UI. I’ve just switched back to Bear 2 recently. I’m waiting for the app to get out of beta, so that I can pay the more expensive price!

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I would suggest that everyone who has problems with recognising levels tells how that difficulties look like.

In my case I must say that level 1, 2 and 3 are relatively easy to distinguish. But then 4, 5 and 6 comes into play it gets difficult as the symbols looks similar - they are repeating the same scheme. Just the distance is little smaller between the lines. I cannot speak for the others. But it seems for me that this could be the reason for the difficulties

I would prefer the Hx icons and also plan to use markdown hiding. Before looking at this thread I didn’t even notice the difference in the current three-line icons. It’s a neat idea, but easily looked over.

I have focused now more on the issue and I changed my mind - I must say that at the end I agree with @chrisecurtis - current implementation is good for me (hiding all syntax incl. heading marks), but when syntax is turned on, I would appreciate H1/H2 (or just numbers) marks little bit more than graphical symbols. But it is not big issue for me. Still, hiding all syntax (incl. heading marks) is more important for me.


Hello everyone, we’ve just posted a small update on this matter → Visual representation of headings: an update from the team.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


99.9% of the time, I work with the markdown visible. The style of the visible markdown is the beauty of bear 1.0.

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