To-do/Bullet Hierarchy Bear 2

Many thanks for the response—I’m sure you’re all swamped with queries after the upgrades!

Other users have expressed similar concerns here.

It seems that folks are talking about several different issues (behavior of tabs, the new Markdown spec, export behavior)—all valid—but my issue is pretty simple:

  • I do not want my list items (ordered or unordered) flush with my headings, subheadings, or leading body text (i.e., the body text in the line above the list)

This is all I want Bear to do, and I don’t really care how Bear does it.

In Bear 1.x, one could use tab to move list items anywhere in the editing pane; this ability has disappeared in Bear 2.x.

In Bear 2.x, ordered and unordered lists have at least a pixel or two of separation from the left margin—this is better than nothing.

In Bear 2.x, nothing is what we have for To-do items—the box is flush left with the heading, subheading, or leading body text. There is no visual hierarchy at all.

Maybe I’m an outlier, but this lack of hierarchy is like stabbing my eyes with forks. In my opinion, it’s bad document design in the Mac editor, and even worse (much worse) in iOS.

So, I don’t care so much about tab behavior or export or even the Markdown spec: I just want the ability to create some padding between the left margin and the first item in a list. This doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Based on developer response here and on Reddit, I don’t expect this to be available any time soon. I love Bear, but I’m already looking at alternatives.