TO DO view and SEARCH suggestion

For Bear to function more effectively as a note app that has useful to-do’s:

Option 1) Collapse all content except for To-do’s: make it easy to find the to-do’s throughout a note.
Option 2) Robust SEARCH:
This goes back to other suggestions of mine to implement a robust search feature which would show the individual results within the note in their own column. The columns would be: tags > notes matching the search > search results (lines) within that note, and then the note contents on the right, with the result highlighted in the middle if selected from the lines results column. (Perhaps you’d make the tag column disappear / invisible so the user would still only see two columns: search matching notes, and search matching lines within selected note) This way, to-dos can be seen in context on the right pane, but can also be seen as a list in their own column. Not only a FANTASTIC way to GTD. But also, a GREAT SEARCH INTERFACE in general.