Typing a hashtag

Testing version: 2.0 On the iPad

What were you doing: Deleted a tag and wanted to type a new tag.

What feature did you use:

What happened: When I hit the .?123 button on the keyboard the note closed

What did you expect to happen: I expected the note to stay open and me being able to type a #

Actually, my mistake. I was too fast reaching for the keyboard. In fact, When I deleted a tag the note closed. Had to open it again before I could add anything.
Note had only a header and an image. So the deleted tag was the only content, for what it’s worth.

I kept trying to figure this one out. I think the problem is that when I delete the only tag in a note, the note becomes untagged, thus wouldn’t exist in the category that I started creating it. So it decides to close.

So far the only way to prevent this is to create every note initially while being in the ‘untagged’ section. It works but it’s not a solution, is it?

Hello. Yes, this is a bug of the iPad: The note should remain open when the tag is deleted and the sidebar selection should be moved to Notes. We’ll fix this as soon as possible.

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Many thanks. In terms of bugs it’s a minor one, but it’s better to get them resolved.