Untagged & Unlinked view

Hi there folks,

In addition to the “Untagged” category, it would be immensely helpful if there also was an “Untagged & Unlinked” category to quickly find documents that do not contain a tag or a wiki link.

An example for context:
I use tags as “categories” e.g. #type/books or #work/projects

For the book “War and Peace” I’d create a dedicated page [[War and Peace]] on which I’d then add the tag #type/books in order to classify the page as a “book” in my system.

Similarly each project gets its own page, e.g. [[House renovation]] on which I then add the tag #personal/projects somewhere.

I do not use subtags for individual items of a given category like this:
#type/books/warandpeace or #personal/projects/houserenovation

Here’s the problem:
If I then create additional separate pages on let’s say [[Thoughts about Chapter 1 of War and Peace]] or [[Wooden vs marble floors]], I want to link those to their respective “parent” page [[War and Peace]] and [[House renovation]].

Those additional pages do not contain any tags since they are connected to their parent pages with the help of the wiki links.

In Bear those pages end up cluttering up the “untagged” view and make it harder for me to spot those pages that are truly “orphan” notes which do not contain any tag or are not linked to any other page in my system.

An additional “untagged and unlinked” view therefore would help me resurface those more easily.

I hope this makes sense

What would be the purpose of finding such notes?

Furthermore I am not sure what you mean with „unlinked“: notes that are not linked in other notes or notes that do not contain a wiki link in its content?

Hi @krssno
I added some context above

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Actually the simplest solution for users would be to have an advanced search expression „@unlinked“. I do not know how much effort it would be to the devs to implement it

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