URL callback to create notes in the background shows window when it seems it shouldn't

Testing version: 2.1 (12333) (on the Mac)

I might be doing something wrong, but using the x-url callback documentation, I was under the impression that such a query


Would create a note with test as the note body, but without showing the note or the Bear main window (enabling, in essence, creating notes in the background without activating the app). This does not behave as such, Bear is still called upon and shows up.

It does not look as though it should though?

no, show_window doesn’t force Bear UI to display if it’s hidden (CMD+H) but the XURLs always activate the app. This means that if the window is visible the show_window will not have any effect.

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up! It seemed like a weird overlook so I thought I was missing something. Maybe that could be clarified in the docs?

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