X-callback-url open-note with show_window=yes, window doesn't show if Bear app already open

Version 2.0 (9933):

x-calllback open-note with show_window=yes:

Bear API:

See below:

see below:

so I’m using the API to open a note in Bear. I’d like for Bear to appear in front of all other apps. so I set show_window=yes which brings Bear to the front if Bear isn’t open when the call is made but doesn’t if Bear is already open


this is very odd as the show_window should produce a different outcome only when is =no. Can you please paste here the x-calllback you are using?


Looking at it now, I’ve been handing hand search an empty string to fetch all notes. It looks like that might be messing the url up. Is there a better way to fetch all notes?

Although handing it a reasonable searh term doesn’t fix the show thing.

Any chance the token used is not correct?