Web clipper can't capture entire page as rendered

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10936)
What were you doing:
Clipping https://www.fileside.app/blog/2023-03-17_windows-file-paths/
What feature did you use:
Clipping the link
What happened:
The At a Glance section at the beginning of the article didn’t get clipped exactly. some of the tables were not rendered as tables, but the text was all there.
What did you expect to happen:
for the entire article to be clipped as rendered at the site.


Oh, and something else about all web clippers, not just Bear’s: web clippers never clip the author of the page and the date that’s usually after the author’s name. I have to manually add them every time.

Positive note: I add the author’s name and date in Bear, and since the name and date are formatted differently, you’d think you’d have to wrangle the styling after paste. Not with Bear, though.