Weird behavior when typing numbers in bullet list

Testing version: Panda Mac 1.0 (2343)

What were you doing: Creating a bullet item then start typing a number followed by a period (.).

What feature did you use: Bullet list.

What happened: Whatever number I type changes to “1” if I follow it with a “.” So if I want my bullet item to say “4.5 of these tomatoes are rotten” I will end up with “1.5 of these tomatoes is rotten” because it switches the “4” to “1.”

What did you expect to happen: I expect to get “4.” when I type “4.” (Not just 4 BTW, this happens with any number.)

I’ll attatch a GIF:

Exactly same weird behavior in Panda v0.1(2510) on iPadOS also.

Hi there Ed,

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a post letting us know.

We’ll investigate this further.

cc- @matteo