When creating unordered list and start with number and point, the number is formatted like in ordered list (is not part of the text)

Testing version: 2.0 (11015) (Mac)

What were you doing: Making unordered list (by shortcut or writing -)

What happened: When you start your text in list with number and point (2.) the number is formatted like it would belong to ordered list - now both bullet point and number are formatted in list marker format and when you press enter, new list item with the bullet point and the same number (not higher one) is created.

What did you expect to happen: Just bullet points to be formatted and numbers to be part of the text.


This is counterintuitive but yes you can nest list items in markdown. This allows the creation of lists inside list elements for sophisticated HTML exports (e.g multi-level document/site navigation)

I understand, but still, the behavior seems to be buggy:

  • When I write - 1. (dash for unordered list and number and point and space) and then hit ENTER, the number is deleted (instead of creating new list item)
  • When I write any text after that number (and point) and hit ENTER, new list item is created with the same number (not higher one)

Yes, it’s the same behavior as hitting enter on an empty list item.

Yes, this can eventually be improved but I’m actually not sure what the expectations are here.

Thank you for clarification. With the first case, I understand that it can be intended behavior, no problem. With second case, I would expect identical behavior as with ordered lists = new list item with dash and next/subsequent number. However it is not a big problem and the actual use-case of this format will be probably close to zero so it is ok to let this feature be and to focus on more important things. Thank you agan.