When entering CJK characters in a table, the characters are misaligned

Testing version:
2.0 (11706)

What were you doing:

I was entering CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters into a table in Bear2.

What feature did you use:

I used the feature that allows for the input of CJK characters into a table within the Bear2 application.

What happened:

  • While inputting CJK characters in the table, the position of the characters shifts downwards.
  • While inputting CJK characters in a table, the background color and the character color are very similar, and the characters are difficult to read (dark theme).

What did you expect to happen:

I expected the input characters to be clearly visible against the background, regardless of the color of the characters or the background.

Can confirm this with Japanese and Chinese (Traditional) on Bear 2.0 public release (11706) on macOS 12.5.

The color issue also was previously reported in: Text color issue in tables with Japanese input method

I have confirmed the previously reported issue. Thank you.

Can you please check with this issue on the last Bear version available?

Using Bear 2.0.2 on macOS 12.5, I can confirm the following

  • The misalignment is gone. :raised_hands:
  • The color issue still exists. That is, the temporary top candidate of characters is always in black regardless of the theme, making it less easy to see when using a dark theme.
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