Will Bear get zero knowledge encryption with iCloud Advanced Data Protection?

No. We have not figured out a way to do that fast for a large collection of notes while not compromising the encryption itself.

I was hopeful about getting this when Apple introduced ADP fields for Cloud sync. I guess I will continue on with Standard Notes until you drop support for the older OS versions and implement the encryption.

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I don’t know how possible it’d be, but a toggle option (i.e. “I’m not using old OS’s so I consent to dropping support) that changes how it is stored would be cool :slight_smile:


In wonder, any chance this could come anytime soon? Such as waste to not have the option, considering that Bear is designed to work in synergy with iCloud.


I was about to switch to Bear, but after reading this I won’t…

A simple button in the advanced options to enable it would be enough

No E2E encryption = no privacy users using Bear

This is unfortunately not this simple but Bear already comes with E2E for encrypted notes regardless of Advanced data protection.

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Not for images though. Many times I found myself not being able to encrypt a note because I needed to include images - it is, for example, the case of medical notes, legal notes, banking statements, etc.)

I love the app, but I also think that not being able to write sensitive content (without compromises), with the option at an arm’s reach, is a bit sad.

I would go through any amount of extra steps to have that peace of mind. And as others have said, I really wish there was a toggle for it. After all, it will be years before older versions of iOS become unused :confused:

Thank you for reading through our messages!

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Agenda app has recently introduced this. Their approach is that you select the sync option as either simply “iCloud” or as “iCloud e2e”. Takes care of people running legacy devices.


I was in the middle of switching from Apple Notes and Notion to Bear and assumed that it would follow my configurations for the ADP, and after going through this, I’m shocked; this is a deal breaker for me. Please share if there is any chance to get this soon.


Has any of this changed? Does Bear now support ADP?

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I don’t think it does.

It doesn’t unfortunately