Feature Request: Global Encryption

Encrypting notes one-by-one is cumbersome and prone to errors (i.e. forgetting to encrypt new notes). Also, note titles are not encrypted. There should be an option to have a global encryption, so that the whole database is encrypted. You’d have to enter your password when you start up Bear or when it’s locked.

Global encryption would also increase the security of iCloud syncs, where currently the data is not end-to-end encrypted and Apple has access to the encryption keys.

I think this feature would make a very compelling argument to how Bear is making its user’s privacy a top priority.

Please keep up the great work, love the app! :heart_eyes:


:+1: I support this request.

Best regards

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It would also be great to be able to encrypt a subset of things automatically—anything marked with a given tag, for example.

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would love this request as well, to encrypt all notes by default options upon creation.

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